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1. Avochie Quarry

Many of the buildings and structures around Kinnoir were built with stone from Avochie Quarry. The quarry dates from around the middle of the 1800s read more here

2. The Shakkin’ Briggie

A suspension footbridge over the River Deveron that served the folk of Kinnoir well for over 100 years is unfortunately no more.

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3. Kinnoir Sawmill

Timber production and processing has long been carried out at Kinnoir and the Kinnoir Sawmill (and its mobile predecessors) have been a key part of the community of Kinnoir.

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4. Son of Kinnoir plays

    at the Albert Hall

A Kinnoir man, Robbie Innes, plays the pipes at the Albert Hall

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5. The Rose of Kinnoir

The story of the famous Marquee Dances of the 1960s

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6. Kinnoir Hall

Kinnoir Hall at the heart of the community since the 1920s

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7.  Football at Kinnoir (and Rothiemay)

The story of the community football teams

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8.  The Bakers Van

The story of the  horse drawn bakers van from Rothiemay

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9. The Story of Eppie Gibb

The story of Kinnoir’s very own witch.

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10. The Union of South Africa Locomotive

The famous locomotive passes through Kinnoir

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11. Kinnoir Swimming Pool

Wild swimming in the Deveron River

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12. Fish, Fauna and Flora

A story on the wild bounty of Kinnoir

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