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The last school in Kinnoir closed in 1982 when the headmistress, Nora Baird, retired. Nora had taken over in 1953 and for almost thirty years had been a key figure in the educational and social lives of the community.

The school and community hall played an important part in the community of Kinnoir and played host to the WRI, The Drama Club,The Badminton Club, Indoor Bowls Club, school plays, parties, dances etc. etc.  Read more on the activities at the Community Hall here.

During the 50's, 60's and 70's the community also boasted a host of personalities such as Bert Bruce, Willie McWilliam, Elsie Allen and of course the venerable Izzie Alexander (now Izzie  Stewart ).

The School

The school and the community were very tightly integrated and the school (and its adjacent hall) were central to many of the activities that took place in Kinnoir. More on the Hall

More on Nora Baird

History of Kinnoir schools

The head teacher (or dominie) prior to Nora Baird was a Mr Whiteford who by all accounts was strict disciplinarian and kept control through the volume of his voice.

Photo courtesy of Cathie Alexander

(The boy at the front of the photo is Mr Whitehead’s  son. Stanley Alexander is third from the left. )

The school co-incidentally had been built by Nora Baird's grandfather, Robert Mitchell, who was a Master Mason in the late 19th century.  The stone used was quarried from the nearby Avochie quarry. Robert Mitchell had also built the school at Shenwell (between Cairnie and Drummuir) around the same time and indeed the architecture of both schools and schoolhouses is almost identical.

Each year the pupils at Kinnoir School produced a Yearbook reflecting some of the things they had learned and details of some of the projects they had undertaken. Click here for an example.