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Extract from the Huntly Express of 22 July, 1960

Few districts are as fortunate as Kinnoir in having a real live amenities committee, and last week-end this enthusiastic body brought off its annual event on behalf of the local amenities by holding two marquee dances at Hillockhead,

A field for this purpose was kindly granted by Mr Wm Stephen, one of the committee.

In connection with the event a beauty contest was run, the winner to be styled the “Rose of Kinnoir”. In order to stimulate real interest another committee member, Mr R.P. Bruce, Broomfold, donated a handsome rosebowl as first prize.

There was a large attendance on Friday evening and the Gaybirds dance band supplied the music. Members of the band selected the first three candidates for the beauty contest. Their selections were : Mis Nan MacKenzie, Milton of Inveramsey, Pitcaple; Miss M. Morrison, Torry Rd, Huntly; and Miss Jane Gordon, Corncattarach, Gartly.

The attendance on Saturday night far exceeded the expectations of the committee and the selection of other three candidates could only be done with great difficulty.

Dean of Guild James M. Roy, Huntly , and Mrs Gordon, wife of Provost Gordon, Huntly, selected Miss Sheena Mason, Huntly Jubilee Hospital; Miss Ann Phimister, Huntly; and Miss Evelyn Reidford, Marnoch.

The final selection was made by provost Gordon and his awards were 1. Miss Sheena Mason (Rose of Kinnoir); attendants Miss Jane Gordon, Miss Ann Phimister and Miss Evelyn Reidford

The trophy was presented by Mrs Gordon.

Prizes for the big raffle were donated, and this too proved a successful money raiser.

Music was by Niven’s Scottish dance band.

The whole represented a really worth-while effort and one which is well worthy of emulation by many country districts. The committee, composed of farmers, farm workers and forestry workers, is unsparing in its efforts and the loyal support of the Kinnoir people was not slow in forthcoming.

Mr Bruce summed up the secret of success in six words: “We a’ pull thegither in Kinnoir”

Provost Gordon

Selects “Rose of


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