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Nora Baird

Nora Baird, war worker, in 1940. (Nora on the right)

Born Nora Hynd in 1920, Nora had grown up in Huntly between the wars. Nora was an accomplished scholar and won the prized Dux of the Gordon Schools in 1937.

Somewhat unusually for the times Nora (and her two sisters) went on to study at Aberdeen University where Nora graduated with an M.A. degree in 1940.

Despite studying for an Arts degree, her favourite subjects were Chemistry and Biology and it was as a science teacher that she started her career.

The war years were a difficult time for everyone but Nora was more than prepared for her civic duties. She was an enthusiastic forestry war worker and later spent many nights on "firewatch" on the roof tops of Powis School in Aberdeen.

Nora had been appointed as a science teacher at Powis Academy  in 1941 following her teacher training and told many tales of "menace" in one of Aberdeen's toughest schools. One such tale involved the ire vented on her by the mother of one of her pupils. Nora had given some extra homework as a punishment but the mother, presumably upset that the boy was not available for other chores, came to the school the next morning and kicked Nora in the shins with her tackitty boots!!!

Nora just laughed about the incident rather than sueing the school but times were different then.