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As if the excitement of Powis School was not enough, Nora soon struck out on a new adventure and, in 1946 just after the war, took up an appointment at the Church of Scotland School for Girls in Alexandria, Egypt. Her role, among other general educational duties was to teach the girls English - one that she accomplished with ease.

There were "encouragements" for the girls, though, and Nora used to relate that any girl caught speaking her native Arabic in the school playground was fined 1 Piastre (less than 1 penny).

It was during her sojurn in Alexandria that Nora met and eventually married Bill Baird. Bill's father, an ex-patriate Scot, was a calico printer in Alexandria throughout the 1930's.

Accompanied by his sister, Bill had set out to visit him on a three month holiday from Scotland in 1939 but, due to the outbreak of the war, did not get back to Scotland till 1948!!

Bill had joined the RAF in Egypt during the war but when he was de-mobbed in 1948, Bill and Nora decided to return to Scotland and settle there.


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