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Letter anent Kinnoir School, 14 Mar, 1738

At Kinnoir School, the fourteenth day of March, one thousand seven hundred and thirty eight years.

According to appointment of the Presbytery of Strathbogie at their former meeting for visiting their charity school of Kinnoir came Mr John Ramsay, Minister of the Gospel at Cairnie, Mr Alex Chalmers, Minister of the Gospel at Glass and Mr John Scroggie, Minister of the Gospel at Huntly.

After prayers said, Mr Ramsay (he did moderate and Mr Alex Chalmers did [act as] clerk.) The list of the scholars was given in to the said visitors by Mr William Mitchell, master of the said school, which being called over, the scholars did answer to their names.

Next the visitors did examine severally every scholar in their particular class according to the instructions of the honourable Society in Scotland

for propagating Christian knowledge; and were much pleased with their Performance and Proficiency of the said Scholars and encouraged Masters and Scholars thereafter, agreeable to the rules and orders of the Society (which were read over).

The said visitors did .... give proper directions and advice to the [assembly] being much satisfied to find so good fruits of the [charity that] the honourable Society allow to this place.

Then compeared before the visitors several honest men in the parish of Kinnoir and gave information that whereas the school house of Kinnoir wanted

much to be repaired and the place where it now is being in several respects inconvenient ... might be removed to the town of Kinnoir in which the greater part of

the poor people in the parish lived nearby.

The said honest men did likewise in name of the said parish undertake to remove the said school house to the town of Kinnoir and to rebuild the same upon

their own charges and that upon ten days advertisement providing they had liberty to transport the same whilst the season of the year did permit.

Closed with a prayer.

Extracted by [name not given]

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