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When the Rector of the Gordon Schools, Mr "Daddy" Law, heard that Nora was back in Scotland he came to visit her at her parents' house to ask if she would accept an appointment as a Science Teacher at the school. Thus Nora returned to the Gordon Schools and taught there until 1950 when she resigned to start a family.

However, in 1953, the opportunity to take up the Head Teacher post at Kinnoir School came up and the temptation was too much for Nora to resist.

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With two young children (ages 3 and 1) it was a daunting task but the fact that the youngest one (Jim) took his first steps on the night that Nora and Bill had to make their final decision was seen as a positive sign for the move.

So, in August 1953, Nora became Head Teacher of Kinnoir School which at that time boasted one other teacher and around 50 pupils. Not long after her arrival at Kinnoir, Nora recruited a local lady, Mrs Thompson, to teach the infants and the primary classes 1 to 3. Nora herself taught classes 4 to 7 as well as fulfilling the role of headmistress of the school. There were no visiting assistant teachers in those days but these two venerable ladies guided many pupils in their first steps of reading, writing and arithmetic and provided a solid grounding for higher education in later life.

When Mrs Thompson retired in the late 1960's, Nora once again used her people skills to recruit an excellent replacement in Eileen Mitchell from Huntly. This situation remained until the school was reduced to one teacher due to falling numbers in the late 1970's.

Nora retired in 1982, when the school closed its doors for the final time, but not after a long series of "discussions" with the authorities to keep it open. The authorities could not justify keeping the school open with a roll (and projected roll) of eight pupils but the campaign did succeed in turning the school building into the community hall for the other activities of the district such as the WRI and indoor bowls etc.

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