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Eppie Gibb - The Witch of Kinnoir

Eppie Gibb was a real person and did exist sometime in the 19th century. Unfortunately for her, and for many others who did not conform to the norms of society, she was treated with suspicion and, inevitably, garnered the unenviable reputation of being a witch!!! She lived in a small cottage near the smiddy at Kinnoir and  her antics (or imagined antics) projected her into the local folklore!

Of course, Eppie Gibb was used as a way to keep naughty children under control by their parents… “Ye better behave or Eppie Gibb will get ye” was the often heard threat! So of course the children were very wary of poor Eppie.

But Eppie’s most famous “trick” was that she was supposed to be able to turn herself into a hare so that she could roam the district at night without being  recognised.

This rumour persisted and eventually two local farmers decided to put the theory to test. Now, everyone knows that you cannot shoot a witch with a normal bullet - it needs to be a silver bullet!!! So the two local farmers melted down a silver sixpence and fashioned it into bullet to be used on Kinnoir’s own “witch hunt”.

They went out one night equipped with their guns and the silver bullet and eventually came across a hare that they decided must be Eppie. But the silver bullet did not fly true and instead of killing the hare the bullet hit the hare in the leg and the hare escaped.

But the clincher that convinced everyone that Eppie was indeed a witch was that the very next morning Eppie was seen to be limping round her cottage. Proof? Well enough proof for the times and Eppie became immortalised in local folklore!

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