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Left to right: Willie Alexander, Jim Morrison, Doug Stewart - in “The Slippy Stane” 1967

Under the guidance of producer Mrs Helen Stephen, Hillockhead, and with the backstage management of Abie Brittain the Kinnoir Drama Club delighted audiences at Kinnoir and elsewhere in the area.

A production of “Green Grow the Rashes O’ “ in 1966 was so popular that the Drama Club was asked to perform in the Stewarts Hall in Huntly to accommodate larger audiences.

The pictures above and below are from the production of “The Slippy Stane “ in 1967, The club played to enchanted audiences for two nights at Kinnoir then one night each at Glass and Largue.

Great fun was had by the players and audiences alike.

From Left to Right:  Margaret McPherson, Bob Paton, Jean McPherson, Sheila Bruce, Sandy Stewart, Elizabeth Innes, Alice Alexander.

Jim Morrison

From  Left to Right : Jim Morrison, Liz Innes, Margaret McPherson, Bob Paton, Jean McPherson, Sandy Stewart, Willie Alexander

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